Fully tailored SAT Training for Students

SelectQ creates custom training quizzes for the SAT based on your performance using our AI technology.

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No tutor needed, it's 100% automated

“I used to pay $100/hour on a tutor to help me create improvment plans but now SelectQ does it automatically at no extra cost!” - Some student

Self-practice is a thing of the past

There are many issues with providing the same training to different students. And We've made it our mission to fix them !

  • Measuring the improvement in your performance over time can become difficult.
  • Identifying what you are good at and what needs improvement can be tricky.
  • Other forms of training lack the customization required for your learning needs and difficulties.

We create custom training based on your performance

Using our AI technology we were able to create custom practice quizzes based on the struggles of each student.

Our technology analyzes student’s way of answering

We use quizzes (a practice test without a timer) to analyze the accuracy & speed of the students and their capability for each subject & topic.

We create personalized improvement plans

We constantly analyze and macro-tailor the content for each student so they get challenged and are always learning something new.

We generate personalized quiz and exam content

We are the first ones to use Natural Language Generation (NLG) in education to generate passages, questions, answer choices and answer explanations.

Benefits only SelectQ can offer

Because of our AI technology we are able to create fully tailored programs at a much cheaper price with unique benefits!

Never get stuck on a problem again!

We provide a clear explanation on every question of tests so you learn faster from your mistakes.

Only focus on what needs improving

We create custom quizzes so you can keep training what you need to improve most.

Constantly track your progress

We track and show your progress over time and among peers, time taken for each answer, and your progress on difficulty levels

Fully updated for 2018

We create custom quizzes so you can keep training what you need to improve the most. Currently available for Math and English

Practice anywhere, anytime

You can access SelectQ on your phone and train for the SAT's anywhere you go.

Ready to start studying improving?

Our tool enables students to learn and train faster than any other traditional method, ready to start improving?

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