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According to most high end Universities have a 25-75% range of 1300+ for the SAT scores.

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We’re not only dedicated to help students get better SAT scores but also donating money to help thousands of students get a better education.

We’re donating 100% of cashflows

to help students learn STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

How SelectQ compares

See how SelectQ compares with other less effective methods of preparing for the SAT.

Tutors vs SelectQ

  • Feedback on performance gets expensive
  • The progress is slower
  • It's hard to find a good tutor
  • You can't practice anywhere at anytime

Practice Books vs SelectQ

  • Not tailored for each student and their struggles
  • You can't measure your progress
  • You can't measure your performance
  • No improvement plans to get better results

Frequent Questions

Here are some answers to frequent questions we get about SelectQ.

What are Quizzes?

Quizzes help the student with a series of questions, the same type of questions that appear in the actual test. Think of our quizzes as custom SAT questions that are based on student's performance and helps them improve and practice. These questions would show the answer explanation, analytics that guide the student on how to improve - shows the absolute and relative benchmarks against peers. If the student continues to perform, the complexity of the questions would start increasing and move to the next topics/sections. If the student does not perform well – the questions go backwards in complexity/topics.

What is a practice test?

A practice test mimics the real SAT test so the student can check what score they could get if they were to try it at that particular time.

How does AI help the student?

We use AI in several places - mainly in the content generation and presenting the right content at the right time. What the student gets to see in quizzes is based on individual capabilities.

How does the student see the progress?

We provide the real-time progress to the student by individual subject and knowledge progression. The student is recommended with the topics and sub-topics, and the questions get lined up automatically. If the student feels like focussing on one specific area - they can indeed choose to do so.

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